One World Alumni Awards

The NSGA is one of two finalists for the Saint Mary's University Halifax "One World" Alumni Awards - top prize is $7,500! This would be huge for the NSGA!
Anyone in the world can vote at until September 13. Check out our video, cast your vote, and help us spread the word!

The award-winning One World Alumni Awards presented by TD Insurance are designed to align with the strategic priorities of Saint Mary’s University. Students and alumni of Saint Mary’s are making meaningful impact in their communities, be it on campus or all over the world, which speaks to our strategic priority of value and values, emphasizing the Santamarian values of student leadership, social responsibility, and cultural diversity.

The intentional reinvigoration of our Latin motto, Age Quod Agis, meaning “do what you do” has become a call to action to our entire Santamarian community. The One World Alumni Awards strive to recognize these efforts.

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